PerfectSeal ready meals lidding film Dual ovenable - microwave/oven by Perfect Automation, specialists in Packaging Machinery

PerfectSeal ready meals lidding film Dual ovenable - microwave/oven



DescriptionCost effective replacement of existing cardboard or film sleeve. A ready meal pack that incorporates all meal and cooking instructions and information into the lid using printing techniques, in a one step process. Removal of this extra packaging can result in up to a 30% cost saving, including savings in production energy, weight during transit and reduction in the carbon footprint of the pack. The benefits to the manufacturer include a high barrier film as good as existing film, a resealable functionality in film structure (no need for labels), runs on existing packing equipment and the resealing is independent of the primary seal, so performance is not related to machine settings. The benefits to the consumer include clearer product presentation through the clear film, it can be easily opened with effective resealing part way through cooking and prevents the burning of fingers during and after cooking. Contact us on (02) 8882 9612 to find out more.