PerfectSeal microwave steam bag -  Fresh & frozen vegetables by Perfect Automation, specialists in Packaging Machinery

PerfectSeal microwave steam bag -  Fresh & frozen vegetables


PRODUCT TYPEParkside Steam

DescriptionA multi layer lamination film packaging technology for frozen and fresh produce and suitable for use in a microwave. Its unique design incorporates a release channel for controlled heat and pressure pack venting during the cooking process. The pack can also be printed with high definition flexographics, for brand or product information. This is a great packaging solution for busy consumers looking for quick and easy meal solutions, and provides suitable flexible packaging for the convenience food market. The benefits include its light weight flexible packaging, low carbon footprint, the steam cooking protects the nutrients of the food, and the packaging self vents during cooking to optimise the cooking process and protect delicate food from overcooking. Contact us on (02) 8882 9612 to find out more.