PerfectSeal resealable snack bag film - Share N Seal by Perfect Automation, specialists in Packaging Machinery

PerfectSeal resealable snack bag film - Share N Seal


PRODUCT TYPEParkside Share Pack

DescriptionA snack pack that allows for easy open, sharing and resealing to store unfinished product. It is easy for consumers to open and reseal the bag for storage, keeping the product fresh and crispy for next use. It reduces food wastage and the need for consumers to find an alternative way to store the uneaten product. The benefits to the brand owner & manufacturer include the functionality in the film (no need for labels), the film runs on existing packing equipment, the reseal is independent of the primary seal, so performance is not related to machine settings, the high barrier film is as good as existing, it caters for multiple occasions; snacking and sharing and can be tailored for portion control. The benefits for the consumer include intuitive opening and simple resealing packaging, a large opening creates a ‘bowl’ shape ideal for sharing, the product maintains its freshness with resealing and it reduces food waste. Contact us on (02) 8882 9612 to find out more.