PA Packaging Solutions compostable films -  True compostable food packs by Perfect Automation, specialists in Packaging Machinery

PA Packaging Solutions compostable films -  True compostable food packs


PRODUCT TYPEParkside - Park-2-Nature Compostable films

DescriptionFully accredited, home and industrial compostable flexible packaging, that is a credible alternative to landfill for non-recyclable designs and environmentally friendly brands. A sustainable high barrier laminate, with up to 93% bio-based materials, this product meets a growing need for replacement of flexible multi-layer laminates that are notoriously difficult to recycle. Made of cellulose which has naturally good oxygen, mineral oil and odour barrier with excellent anti-static properties. With the addition of a metallised layer, a good moisture barrier can be achieved. The benefits to the brand owner & manufacturer include engagement with the environmentally savvy consumer, have Vincotte OK Compost Home and Seedling Certification, a high moisture and barrier performance, is a sustainable, bio-based packaging and can reduce your carbon footprint. The benefits to the consumer include a true packaging that can be composted at home and is packaging with a very low reliance on oil based plastics. Contact us on (02) 8882 9612 to find out more.