Increase the efficiency of your production line with a state-of-the-art pouch filling machine

No matter what size your operation, the speed and efficiency of your production line is critical to your profitability. But for many smaller manufacturers, the cost of automation systems can be out of reach, with the cost of an automated production … read more.

Efficient and eco-friendly – the Perfect Automation Way

As a business owner, you want your products quickly and seamlessly packaged so that you can get them into the hands of customers as soon as possible. However, it’s become increasingly important in the modern market to be known as a socially and
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Tray sealers: versatile and fast

Those who work in the food supply or catering trades will know how important it is that trays are sturdy, resolute and ready for use with a variety of foodstuffs.
At Perfect Automation, our tray sealing machine or vacuum tray sealing machine will … read more.

Food packaging equipment: how we can help

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Band sealers

Band sealers are essential in many product packaging processes. Designed to save time by packaging up a large number of products in a short space of time, this device can bring added efficiency to any project … read more.

Our food inspection equipment

As a leading provider of food inspection equipment Australia wide, Perfect Automation can provide you with reliable and versatile machinery to help you get the job you need done. We know how important accuracy is for food suppliers and … read more.

Liquid Filling Machines

Perfect Automation supply a range of standard and bespoke liquid filling machines to suit a wide number of applications from food manufacturing to chemical distribution. Each machine can be tailored to suit a variety of containers … read more.