Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machines

  • Loose products
  • Hang sell packs
  • Easy changeover
  • Cantilever design

The Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machines produce block bottom/ side gusseted bags, pillow packs and 3 or 4 side seal sachets depending on configurations, machine design and your product requirements.

PA-SVE2520AR VFFS Machine

The PA-SVE2520AR Vertical Form, Fill & Seal Machine is continuous motion machine driven by multiple servomotors. Due to its continuous motion this VFFS can reach higher speeds than most VFFS machines whilst still giving you very good seals. The end seal sealing system moves in a box motion traveling with the film. 

Product Rate:

Up to 120packs/min-



Packaging Style:

Vertical (VFFS)-

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