Weighing and Inspection Equipment


Accurate weighing system
Rejector compatible
Simple setup

The Checkweighers are used to dynamically check the accuracy of pack or product weights to ensure there are no underweights or overweights, by automatically rejecting these products.

Combination Units

Accurate weighing system
High foreign body detection
Detection of ferrous/non-ferrous materials
Under and overweights

The Combination Checkweigher/Metal Detector Units are designed to dynamically check the weights of the products and also allow products to be checked for foreign bodies. These Units are able to have a rejector system attached, allowing the removal of incorrect products.

Metal Detectors

High foreign body detection
Detection of ferrous materials
Detection of non-ferrous materials
Product inspection

The Metal Detectors have a high detection sensitivity system, allowing for the detection of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The addition of a rejector system automatically removes incorrect products from the production line. They can also be used in reverse to detect that a metal product is present when required.

X-ray Inspection Systems

Product Inspection
Missing product
Foreign body detection
Detection of ferrous/non-ferrous materials

The X-ray Inspection Systems can provide high level of product inspection to identify foreign bodies, even in aluminum packed products, such as hard rubber seals, metal, glass and stone by rejecting contaminated products. The X-ray Inspection Systems can also be used to detect missing products.

Multi-head Weighers

Accurate weighing
High speed weighing

The Multi-head Weighers provide a high accuracy method of weighing out loose products for Pouch Machines, Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machines, Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Machines, Tub and Tray Sealing Machines while operating at speeds of up to 540 cycles per minute.